EDA Tools

Fonte: SourceForge.net, Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Kicad EDA (Download, Code)
Kicad EDA is an open source (GPL) software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork.

Tiny EDA (Download)
Tiny EDA kit for Windows.

Bobware EDA tools (Download, Code)
Bobware tool suite is a set of small EDA tools which are useful in the design of integrated circuits. The suite contains a perl/tk script for region planning large ASICs (application specific integrated circuits.)

PhiCAD (Code)
PhiCAD is a LGPL'd , cross-platform software intended to provide to community an eclectic suite of CAD such as EDA to solve physics problems.

NGerber (Download)
NGerber is a small class library that allows .NET applications to easily write Gerber files (commonly used for EDA to specify circuit board layouts). Gerber files created with this library are compatible with the RS-274-X standard.

Edif to KiCad translator (Download)
An Electronic Definition Interchange Format (EDIF) parser which allows exports from one EDA schematic capture system (such as OrCad) for import into another (such as KiCad).

Mentor Graphics Userware Toolbox
The Mentor Graphics Userware Toolbox is a collection of application extensions for Mentor Graphics' Electronic Design Automation (EDA) applications. Extensions are coded AMPLE, Tcl, VBScript, and Visual Basic.

QConsole (Download, Code)
QConsole is a custom Qt widget implementing a standard console to be inherited to support a specific scripting language or shell, and then embedded in any Qt application. As example, a Tcl console (QtclConsole) is provided for use in EDA applications.

sim-simThe aim of this project is to create an equivalence checker of two RTL designs. The RTL description chosen is Verilog. Later it is aimed to create more EDA tools based on the current project.

SystemC Logic Analyzer
HW(VHDL) and SW of logic analyzer and On-Chip-Verification(OCV) for Value Change Dump(VCD) file format that exported to seemd SystemC ,ModelSIM, and many other EDA tools. Very easy and Simple.

Electronic Design Automation - Index (Download, Code)
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) - Index can be used in the electronic world to keep track of your: Schematic, PCB, Front Plate, Programmable Logic Device numbers. The system is web based, so try the demo and see if you can use it.

Alliance CAD System (Download)
Alliance CAD System is a free set of EDA tools and portable cell libraries for VLSI design. It covers the design flow from VHDL up to layout. It includes VHDL simulator, RTL synthesis, place and route, netlist extractor, DRC, layout editor.

CompactLogic Circuit Designer is a next-generation Schematic Capture tool in EDA technology. Based on Java platform it runs seamlessly on any OS that Java supports. Moreover, it runs even faster than other corresponding tools written in C++.

QS Cad (Download, Code)
Pure Tcl/Tk EDA Package. Schematic capture through to PCB layout. Has Part editor as well as editor for Schematic and PCB Decals.

SVATS (Download, Code)
SVATS [Safety Verification Analysis added To Spice] is a Pyhton written EDA tool used for adding repetitive analysis capabilities to perform FMEAs on analog and mixed analog-digital electronic circuits using Berkeley Spice-like simulation SW.

EDA vWaveViewer (Download, Code)
This is a helpful and optimized tool support for Electronic Design Automation Engineer viewing vcd file format.Runing all 32-bit MS Window(95/98/Nt/2000/XP),Linux,Apple Mac OS classic.It is mean to be an open source viewer developed by SELAB-University.

Yet Another EDA toolsuite (Code)
yaeda project aims to be a fully integrated EDA tools (from schematic entry to pcb layouting and simulation) with unique web-centric features and a web community of engineers for sharing implementation and ideas.

A back-end library for the use in creating an EDA application. The library includes Qt widgets that display schematic and PCB.

DICaD is a free EDA software for VLSI cirquits design.

OpenAccess Gear (Download, Code)
Library of core EDA algorithms and infrastructure for OpenAccess.

LogicS is an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) desktop program, targeting digital circuits: designing, edtiting & simulating them. The user will be provided with a user-friendly environment for doing this (adding logic gates, creating links, simulating).

CBOLD Framework
CBOLD is a C++ framework for schematicless capture of board-level electronic designs. CBOLD replaces schematic capture EDA software in the traditional PCB design flow.

gPCB is a GPL, EDA program for board layout.

Open source C++ framework utilizing boost.org libraries and specialized for development of EDA applications.

QT-based EDA toolset for the KDE. The tools will be component library, component library editor, schematic editor, schematic checker, netlister, simulation tools, pcb layout tool.

Quasi AVR simulator
QUASI is stand-alone AVR RISC processor simulator with debugging features, EDA-like GUI and plugin interface.

Vietnamese ASIC Document
vnASIC project attempt to translate document of open source EDA tools for LSI design to Vietnamese.

Python EDA Initiative (Code)
Python EDA Initiative -- A suite of VLSI CAD tools for electronic design automation.

TopCell (Code)
TopCell is an open source EDA tool to display layout information. Supported data formats are GDSII, LEF/DEF and XML. Besides the viewing of data the tool will offer functionality to measure objects, printing, etc.

EDA toolset for the K-Desktop-Environment. The tools will be component library, component library editor, schematic editor, schematic checker, netlister, simulation tools, HDL tools, pcb layout tool, filters to other EDA toos etc.

Definition of a set of xml-based file formats for EDA data exchange (component library, schematic, simulation, netlist, pcb, drill, pick and place etc.)